About Us

The Govt. College of Technology is first and only one Technical College in whole Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Which is imparting the technical education to the students of 3 years Associate Engineering level in Civil Engineering Technology and Information and Communication Technology Engineering. Our Goal is to provide the quality of education to the students and a competency based training(CBT).
In the modern age no country can become self sufficient without industrial development and industrial development cannot be achieved without proper expertise and personnel. We live in an era of science and technology. As new developments take place urgently, the need of technical persons is also increasing gradually. Our development plans can’t be completed unless we have a suitable number of qualified staff. As such the technical experts are the backbone to our economy. In our area the shortage of the technical personnel has been a real obstacle in the path of industrial development. In order to make this deficiency, the government of AJK has established Government Polytechnic Institute Rawalakot, now it is referred to Govt. College of Technology (GCT)so that we may be able to meet not only the requirement of technical persons but also later for further development programs of the country. AJK-TEVTA is responsible for making Kashmir a skilled Kashmir. AJK-TEVTA is a leading provider of Technical Vocational Education and Training in AJK and its mission is to provide valued choice to school leavers and working adults to acquire values, knowledge and skills for lifelong learning and enhanced employability; and to provide valued supports to private sector for their manpower development. Government College of Technology, Rawalakot working under the umbrella of AJK-TEVTA is providing superb technical education facilities being a single stand alone institute of Technical Education (DAE) in AJK, which offers a wide variety of professional courses for DAE. Under an interactive and Creative learning environment, GPI, Rawalakot strive to unlash young people’s potential, enhance their employability and facilitate lifelong learning with their flexible and quality programs, thus leading them to the road of success. Govt. College of Technology , Rawalakot continues to be committed to providing high quality technical educational opportunities through a holistic and challenging curriculum and effective teaching. Traditional values and a broad based curriculum underpin student’s participation and leadership opportunities in academic, cultural sporting and co-curricular activities. We welcome you all to an enriching learning experience at GCT, Rawalakot. We hope that you will gain maximum professional benefits from your stay here. Let us, all of us should work hard to make our good better and our better the best.